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#4703: Group forum is a one way street - Can't go back to ordinary forum (default
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 > Opting out of "yes, I want this group to have a forum" does nothing, the
 forum is still there.

 This is addressed in bbPress 2.2-bleeding as of [BB4555].  Not publicly
 released yet.

 > What I'm looking for is a "separate this forum from its group" type of

 This could probably be achieved by navigating to your WP admin dashboard
 and clicking on the "Forums" tab.  Find your group forum, edit it and
 under "Forum Attributes" change the parent to "No parent" or to another
 forum of your choosing.

 See if that addresses your problem.

 > While at it, though not strictly related to this defect, you'd probably
 want a "attack this forum to {select group}" as well.

 Sounds more like a feature request for bbPress.

 I'm going to close this ticket as the issues listed here are more related
 to bbPress and its support for BuddyPress.

 Please post your questions over at bbpress.org/forums.

 If it ends up being a BuddyPress problem, feel free to reopen.  Thanks!

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