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#4569: Make BP Groups into WP Custom Taxonomies
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 I read those comments and they don't quite address the issues above,
 except tangentially.

 My primary concerns are:
 - BuddyPress is not particularly easy to use. Even in cases when there are
 some features built in, they are often hidden behind things like filters.
 So while this functionality is "available", it is not usable for the
 average community owner. Moving to CPTs helps greatly reduce the
 "potential" workload for making BuddyPress user-friendly.
 - There is some basic and some advanced functionality that many
 installations need. With CPTs this comes baked in. Similar results can be
 obtained in current architecture, but there would be need to go through
 many hoops.

 @johnjamesjacoby 's post above points more towards the arguement about
 greater developer participation. Admittedly, that is more of a conjecture,
 and it is entirely possible that the move to CPTs does absolutely nothing
 to increase developer participation.

 Similarly @boonegorges 's message is also an entirely different take on
 what's meant by "making it easier on developers". As mentioned above the
 primary benefit is that much stuff would come *almost* automatically, and
 developers won't have to worry about coding, testing or maintaining it.

 Yes, duplicate. Somehow I forgot about that one. Closing.

 Duplicate of #4017

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