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#4414: Admin UI for Groups management
 Reporter:  boonebgorges                         |       Owner:
     Type:  enhancement                          |  boonebgorges
 Priority:  normal                               |      Status:  assigned
Component:  Administration                       |   Milestone:  1.7
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 Keywords:  has-patch needs-ui needs-testing     |  Resolution:
  dev-feedback                                   |

Comment (by karmatosed):

 I've had a bit of a play with the format for the group editing screen -
 just a quick sketch for now but hopefully gets across some ideas I'm
 thinking.  See suggestion.jpg for some ideas but to summarise:

 My first thoughts are to:
 - Merge group name and description into one box
 - Make search clearer with box around and add name of action into field
 rather than text under
 - Add find member (for long lists), use accordion method to make page more
 compact and easier to negotiate.

 As far as the group view for seeing all goes - my only thoughts are how
 useful the ID's are - I've felt this way for a while about non posts so
 could be something we're stuck with as a convention.  I'd also question
 the same thing of the group edit view and users - do you need to see their

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