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#4164: Deleting a Comment by Registered User Doesn't Remove it from the Activity
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Component:  Activity        |     Version:  1.5.5
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 Thanks for the clarification @DJPaul; however, I think there is a loophole
 that should be looked at for 1.6.  Let me explain.

 Indeed, if a comment transition is made (i.e. you trash or flag a comment
 as SPAM) the corresponding entry in the activity stream is removed.
 However, if a comment by a spambot registered user is '''automatically'''
 marked as SPAM by Askimet then a transition never occurs, and therefore
 the 'transition_comment_status' action never fires (at least that is what
 I've observed).  This loophole allows obvious SPAM to penetrate the
 Activity stream.

 Also, because SPAM comments are put under their own section in WP comment
 admin, it's difficult to spot these entries in the Activity feed (this is
 especially true if you have a highly active community).

 Obviously, taking steps to curtail spambot users is extremely important,
 but despite even the best efforts some will get through. IMO, before the
 Activity stream is updated with a comment it should check to see if it has
 already been marked as SPAM.

 I hope this makes sense and warrants the reopened status.  If not, I
 apologize in advance.

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