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#4132: Upload profile image at activation
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Comment (by sooskriszta):

 Sorry, Paul, I didn't quite understand why it isn't safe to log the user
 in when he clicks on the activation link.

 The majority of large sites I know actually have the user logged in at
 activation. From my experience with a site (non BuddyPress), 96% of users
 activate their account within 3 minutes of registration, 3% activate
 within 30 mts, and 90% of of those that don't activate within 30mts end up
 never activating.

 The way one of the sites I know works is: When a user registers, he is
 logged in automatically. But since the account is not activated, he can't
 access any functionality. Upon clicking the activate link, the logged in
 user is taken to a basic profile info page, including uploading of profile
 image. If the user does not activate within 30mts, his connection/login is
 timed out. Then if he clicks on activation link after that, then he needs
 to log in after activating the account (theoretically, he can also log in
 before clicking on activate link...but such login still doesn't provide
 him access to functionality...and in practice few users who haven't
 activated within 30mts actually log in before clicking the activate link).

 Another site I know distinguishes between first login and all other
 logins. After registering, user click on activate link. Then he has to log
 in. Upon login (first login) he is prompted to upload a profile photo,
 invite friends, etc.

 I'm sure one of these workflow models could work for BuddyPress...

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