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#4140: URI page router
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Comment (by foxly):

 Here's the complete bp-core-catchuri.php file - just replace the existing
 file with this, and you're good to go.

 We are '''absolutely willing''' to share the AUT's we've written for these
 methods. It's at about 50% coverage right now. I wouldn't be comfortable
 releasing this code to production until it's at 100% coverage.

 Now that we know ''you want to use the code'', we'll finish up the tests
 and documentation quickly - ETA about 2 weeks.


 We're currently putting the finishing touches on Version 2.0 of the Unit
 Test Runner System we built for BuddyPress. Its '''awesome'''. Once I have
 it finished in the next couple of weeks, it should be able to support
 "test scenarios" ...for example:

 a) ''Test BP with WP running in single-site mode''
 b) ''Test BP with WP running in "network" mode''
 c) ''Test BP in "network" mode with "root profiles"''

 Did we mention we have a version of the test runner that can be run in the
 user's browser at the admin back-end? [http://code.google.com/p

 Its great for remotely debugging vexing problems on users' servers.

 So give us a bit of time to get all this stuff packed up nicely, re-
 branded, and documented for you, and then get ready to enjoy full-on
 automated testing.

 PS: If you guys move to GIT, our tests also run on [http://travis-
 ci.org/], so you can automatically check if any new commit causes a unit
 test to fail (and bounce that commit!)


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