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#3335: sync of profile between Wordpress and Buddypress
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Comment (by joevansteen):

 @boonebgorges @cnorris23 I'm posting here rather than on #3127 based on
 Boone's comment on #3127 that this ticket was more appropriate. Regarding
 my comment about 2 profile facilities (WP+BP) I posted a reference to the
 #3335/#3127 discussion issue on a WP "custom user meta" forum. Any
 migration path for a single facility would make more sense to me for WP to
 provide the base first as BP continues its cleanup. They would
 expand/enhance/revamp their facility to provide a new base, then BP would
 migrate the BP facility to dependence on WP.

 The response I got was not encouraging. Maybe it was me, or the way I
 presented it, but there doesn't seem to be any interest in WP to build a
 BP-like profile capability (field groups, select/field-set support, etc).
 Not how I would have gone, but that seems to be their choice - keep it out
 of core. See http://wordpress.org/extend/ideas/topic/custom-user-
 meta#post-20304 for the dialog.

 I'm not sure I understand the architectural logic, but I just thought I'd
 pass on the reference to the dialog in terms of FYI follow-up; and then
 drop the matter.

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