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#3127: Switch to WP_User_Query for BP_Core_User
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 > In order to use WP_User_Query in all it's glory, we need BP user_meta to
 be in the WP user_meta table.

 Maybe. Either that or we need to extend the WP_User_Query class so that we
 are able to add our own joins, etc as necessary. I think that, in the
 short-to-medium term, this is what we must and should do.

 The fact is that WP key-value usermeta will never really be able to handle
 BP-style profile data. As Joe suggests in his blog post, architectural
 changes will have to happen at level of WP's core user management before
 we can consider using the full glory of WP_User_Query. (For example, we
 might consider developing user taxonomies for inclusion in WP core, and
 then add tax_query support to WP_User_Query, and moving xprofile into
 *those*.) But this is a discussion that should take place on the other

 For the purposes of the nearer refactor, we will need to do some magic for
 things like sorting, because currently some of our sorts (like 'popular')
 depend on joins against BP tables. WP_User_Query is pretty light on
 filters, so we'll probably either have to override some of their methods,
 or submit some patches for WP that add the necessary apply_filters(), or

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