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#3579: Issues with legacy plugin directory page and wordpress Standard
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 Thanks very much for posting this here, sbrajesh.

 I have no idea why there would be an inconsistency between WP and WPMS
 with respect to this. In WPMU, there are some additional hooks that fire
 in this sequence (like muplugins_loaded) but I don't see how it would
 affect anything in BP.

 More importantly, it's very strange that this would have changed in
 BuddyPress between the first beta and now. r4977 did introduce a small
 load order change. But it's far too late to make a difference for plugins
 that register globals ('wp' comes after 'init', which is when 'bp_init'
 fires). So I doubt that it has anything to do with it.

 It's possible that r5105 is part of the culprit. I found, while messing
 with the Skeleton Component, that this bp_is_active() check caused some
 problems - not so much because of the load order, but because of the
 additional check against $bp->active_components. This manifested itself on
 the directory pages, which makes me think it might be related. Maybe you
 could roll back this change locally and see if it makes a difference.

 For what it's worth, BuddyPress internally (both in 1.2.x and in the new
 BP_Component class) registers its globals at the hook 'bp_setup_globals',
 which is fired at bp_init with priority 4. See
 hooks.php#L23. Perhaps you could try hooking here, instead of to
 bp_loaded, to see if it helps.

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