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#3485: Default Theme on iPad
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Changes (by boonebgorges):

 * priority:  normal => minor
 * severity:  normal => minor


 Thanks for the additional details. I was finally able to see the issue for

 Here's some more detail on what appears to be happening, along with some
 steps to reproduce on a test installation of mine that is not hidden from
 the public.
 - In iPad Safari, go to http://hardg.com/bpsandbox
 - Click on the 'Hello World' post. Let the single post load all the way.
 **Do not scroll**
 - Make a mental note of where the "fold" is, ie where the visible rendered
 area ends at the bottom.
 - Click the Members tab. Let it load all the way without scrolling. Make a
 mental note of where the visible area stops rendering
 - Scroll down a bit. You should find that, for about an inch and a half
 worth of screen, Safari shows the content that should have appeared just
 below the fold on the Hello World post. Then it starts showing the correct
 content again.

 I will note that I am not able to reproduce the problem 100% of the time.
 If it doesn't work for the Hello World post, try visiting the Activity tab

 This is almost certainly a bug with the way iPad Safari works. My
 hypothesis: but I'm guessing that they try to save a bit of memory by not
 rendering all of an HTML page on the initial load, and instead lazily
 loads just a little bit more than what will show "above the fold" (it
 seems like the entire page is rendered when you start scrolling, which is
 why you have to refrain from scrolling in order to reproduce the problem).
 That little bit of cached data - the inch-and-a-half below the fold on the
 first page - does not seem to be flushed when you move to the second page.
 Thus, when you scroll a bit on that second page, you get the cached
 version of the first page.

 It's not obvious to me why this is a problem only on the Members page (I
 can only reproduce it there). Might have something to do with particular
 way that the members directory markup interacts with Safari's caching

 It would be nice to find a solution, but in any case I don't think the
 problem is very severe. The false artifacts that show up are not actually
 valid links - the correct elements seem to be showing up in the
 background, so that if you try to click in the right places, the proper
 links work. Unless we can find a good reason to believe that this problem
 is being caused by BuddyPress instead of by something faulty with iPad's
 renderer, I propose that we close the ticket.

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