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#3567: Unit Testing for BuddyPress!
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Comment (by foxly):

 Yes, by all means take our code and put it in your core! ...that's how
 open-source works, right ... :)

 You can also probably save many, many hours of dev time by using BP-
 Media's unit tests as design patterns for your own test code. We've
 already done a ton of the heavy-lifting, building code that spins test
 arrays and database results into structures that PHPUnit's "assertX"
 functions work with.

 You can grab them at this link: http://code.google.com/p/buddypress-

 Also, be sure to heavily document your unit tests. Remember, you're
 effectively creating *working examples* demonstrating the use of *every*
 function in BuddyPress. If you document them well, you can literally "cut-
 and-paste" them into your codex as documentation!

 Here's an example from the (partially completed) BP-Media codex:


 We'd like to get together with you in Google+ video chat sometime next
 week to run you through using the Unit Test framework. It should take less
 than an hour. Perhaps after Wednesday's dev meeting would be most

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