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#2345: PHP documentation needed through-out BP
 Reporter:  johnjamesjacoby  |       Owner:
     Type:  task             |      Status:  assigned
 Priority:  minor            |   Milestone:  Future Release
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 Keywords:  has-patch        |
Changes (by cnorris23):

 * keywords:  needs-patch => has-patch
 * severity:   => normal


 PHP doc for the entirety of the bp-activity folder. It's by no mean
 complete, but it's a good start. I'm going to keep patching like this, and
 hopefully as the patches go in, more people will help clean up. It's a
 daunting task to start from scratch, so I figure I'd mostly work on
 getting the groundwork laid. I can break this, and future patches up by
 file if preferred. Also, I should be noted that I more or less just
 rounded to the lowest version on the @since doc. Furthermore, I added
 @todo notes were I noticed weirdness in the code, added @deprecated notes
 where it seemed appropriate.

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