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#3549: Incompatibility between recent SharDB and bbPress forum setup routine
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 > It's 75 lines of code which isn't a huge amount.

 True. My biggest concern was not so much the amount of duplication, but
 the fact that it has to be done at all. If something in that class
 changes, plugin authors like you will have to be on top of it, and
 backport to your own plugins. It's probably a small concern, as this code
 doesn't change very frequently.

 > Out of curiosity, why does BPDB have the escape_deep function?

 Good question. A quick grep shows that bbPress uses it in a few places,
 and it gets it from BackPress. I'll run some tests, but it looks like
 there's no reason why we can't do what you've suggested.

 > In your dev install try adding the class exists check, copy those 75
 lines to db.php in SharDB

 If you, as the author of SharDB, are volunteering that building explicit
 BP support into your plugin is the best solution to the problem, then
 that's good enough for me :)

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