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#3549: Incompatibility between recent SharDB and bbPress forum setup routine
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 Thanks for the explanation of the 3.0 stuff. Incidentally, I had a problem
 with SharDB recently, and ended up digging through and identifying that
 the class had to be renamed - only to look at the latest version of the
 plugin and see that I'd reversed engineered it for naught, since you'd
 already done it :)

 > If your four BBDB_ constants match the global table, bbPres should work

 Hm. I will have to experiment more, but it seems as if it does *not* work.
 $bbdb->get_results seems to be failing because it's pointing at the wrong
 database. I'll look into it some more, as it might be something on my end.

 > I can't really do much from a SharDB side unless there is a way for me
 to plug BPDB. Possibly you could put a class_exists() check around the
 class definition.

 Yeah. The only problem with this approach is that it'd mean accounting in
 BP for all such plugins, or requiring that all such plugins are
 specifically BP-aware. Ideally, we'd be able to sniff, out of the existing
 $wpdb global, the name of the class of which it's an implementation, and
 then define BPDB as extending *that* class. I don't think such a thing is
 possible with PHP, is it?

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