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#3708: Get rid of top-level BP menu in wp-admin
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     Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  new
 Priority:  normal       |   Milestone:  1.6
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Comment (by DJPaul):

 The top-level menu is only shown if the user is running an old plugin
 which doesn't have its admin menus hooked elsewhere. It's there purely for
 backwards compatibility. WordPress has always warned plugins to consider
 if they *need* to create a top-level menu, or add their page into an
 existing menu, and that's no different for BuddyPress or any other plugin.
 I'm for encouraging users to not put things under a top-level BuddyPress
 menu, while providing compatibility for those who continue to choose to do

 To address your concern about people hardcoding links to core menus in
 their own plugins, and those links being broken; they aren't broken*,
 somehow, and they continue to work (but the admin menu doesn't highlight
 the appropriate menu item -- not really a problem).
 *The only exception is the "page=bp-general-settings" page, which had to
 be renamed to enable the neat backpat solution.

 So, I'm going to attach a patch with what I've done so far, for feedback.
 I've added an informative "where's my menus gone" page for anyone running
 legacy plugins who click on the top-level BuddyPress menu. My Achievements
 plugin works well to test the menu backpat, and you can also contrast
 against Welcome Pack (which adds a item in WP's Settings menu).

 Menu locations: I've moved "Profile Fields" under Users, as that seems to
 make sense. For the others (components, pages, settings, forums), I've
 prefixed their menu item names with "BP" for now (so you can spot them
 easy), and have just shifted them underneath Settings for now. I'm not
 proposing this as final place, but it's just as far as I've got. I'm
 thinking maybe just add one "BuddyPress" item to the Settings menu, and
 then use the tabs to change the view. (It's a bit redundant to have tabs
 and four individual menu items, like 1.5 has).

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