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#3695: Basic profile privacy
 Reporter:  boonebgorges  |      Owner:
     Type:  enhancement   |     Status:  new
 Priority:  normal        |  Milestone:  Future Release
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 Severity:  normal        |   Keywords:  needs-patch dev-feedback needs-ui
 During our last dev chat, cnorris23 showed interest in doing some very
 simple profile privacy. What should this look like? Jeff Sayre's plugin is
 nice but is pretty heavy-duty - it touches all components, requires its
 own db tables, etc - which suggests that that level of control is perhaps
 best left to a plugin for the moment. (At the very least, we should
 implement in stages.)

 I'm imagining something like: Each user can set profile privacy on a per-
 profile, per-profile-group, or per-profile-field setting. Possible
 settings may include, for now: everyone, logged-in members only, my

 It's possible to strip this idea down even further for a first
 implementation - for instance, leaving out the 'friends' integration, or
 allowing less fine-grained control (maybe restrict by group instead of by
 field). But I think that this strips it down a little too far.

 Even this modest implementation will touch a variety of places (xprofile
 queries, stuff like that) so we should sketch it conceptually as a group
 before getting too deep in code.

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