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#3759: Issues with members and blogs within buddypress/multisite environment
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     Type:  defect (bug)  |     Status:  new
 Priority:  normal        |  Milestone:  Awaiting Review
Component:  Blogs         |    Version:  1.5.1
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 Re: This forum thread:


 My site is at http://6sided.net/ it is latest buddypress and latest WP
 versions. It has a modded theme, but even using BP default and
 deactivating all plugins other than BP, issue is still there.

 Problem 1:

 If a new member signs up at http://6sided.net/register/ and DOES create a
 blog on sign-up, the problems are:

 1. The "My Sites" dropdown shows two blog links,one is the blog they
 created, but the other is the main blog (http://6sided.net/) even though
 they do not have access to it.

 2. In their profile page it says they have 2 sites, again linking to the
 blog they created AND the main site.  PNG example:


 Problem 2:

 If they sign-up and do NOT create a blog on joining, they then cannot as
 the "my sites" menu is not displayed to them, giving them no way to create
 a blog.

 So it is a two-part linked issue, depending on whether they create a blog
 on sign-up or not.

 To reproduce:

 1. Create an account and create blog on signup http://6sided.net/register/
 2. My sites dropdown will shown own site and the erronous access to the
 main site dashboard
 3. Go to the user profile page and again see erronous access listed.

 4. Create account and do not create a blog at same time.
 5. My Sites menu does not exist.



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