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#3243: CSS files need commenting and organisation
  Reporter:  karmatosed   |      Owner:  karmatosed
      Type:  enhancement  |     Status:  accepted
  Priority:  normal       |  Milestone:  1.3
 Component:  Theme        |    Version:  1.2
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Comment (by bowromir):

 First off: This is great work Karmatosed.. very well done.. Your structure
 looks great and personally I think that all BuddyPress styling should be
 in a seperate stylesheet.. There are a couple of reasons why I think this
 makes sense:

 1: Ease of use for 3rd party themes wanting to include BuddyPress: This is
 by far the biggest reason.. Currently if you'd wanted to load BuddyPress
 styling you'd import BP-Default.css. This means that all the global
 styling is also being loaded, causing massive overhead and CSS conflicts
 for themes who might NOT want to use the global styling BP-Default
 applies. Maybe you'd just want to have a very solid, up to date BuddyPress
 CSS starting point, and do the global styling yourself. Instead of heaving
 to fork BP-Default, and taking only the BP stuff, with a BP only
 stylesheet you could just import buddypress.css from the plugin folder.
 This is big step towards making BP more granular imo. For me it has never
 made sense to include styling for global divs like "Sidebar, Content,
 Container, Header" within the same CSS file. It either forced you to
 overwrite CSS, use !important or fork bp-default.

 2: It gives the right example for WP/BP designers: Like Karmatosed says;
 BP is "just" a plugin. Would BBPress apply global styling in their CSS
 when activated?

 3: Reducing HTTP request is not really an isue.. Currently style.css loads
 BP-Default, Adminbar.css and Reset.css. Assuming someone decided built
 their own BP enabled theme, they skip reset.css because they handle it
 themselves and import buddypress.css without the global styling. That
 would be a a performance gain and much cleaner css. Honestly if people
 concern that much about 1 http request, a  CDN, Minify Plugin or even
 manual CSS combining can handle this request.

 BP-Default is just a WordPress theme in the end.. I think it's focus
 should be the same as TwentyTen is for WP. A perfect example of a well
 coded, cleanly organised theme, that shows what you can do with WP. You
 can easily create Child Themes based on it, but at the same time it's full
 of code you can strip, re-use and learn from. With the improvements being
 made BP-Default can become such a theme as well, but one of the first
 things should be seperating BP stuff from WP/Global stuff.. Now with the
 templates, and hopefully in the future with the actual templates :-)

 Thanks for reading :D

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