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#3245: Comment postmetadata text terms confusing
 Reporter:  hnla                         |      Owner:
     Type:  enhancement                  |     Status:  new
 Priority:  normal                       |  Milestone:  Awaiting Review
Component:  Theme                        |    Version:  1.3
 Keywords:  post comments, postmetadata  |
 N.B. this is a rough ticket with patch as a preliminary look at what seems
 to be an issue but might be in fact a spurious understanding of behavior,
 also it's straddles the divide between a WP aspect and a BP one.

 When viewing a single post metadata is displayed showing whether there are
 comments or not, or whether comments are closed etc.

 To understand the issue it's necessary to see that there are a approx
 three conditions 'has comments', 'comments closed', and  'comments off' as
 well as comments off but pingbacks on

 Looking at a post without comments and with post comments and ping backs
 set to 'Off' we see 'comments off'  then with comments off in the post but
 pingbacks on we display 'No Comments' this is linked yet can't function as
 a link to comment form as comments are 'off' it feels wrong and ought to
 say 'Comments Off, Pingbacks on' ? now with comments on and pingbacks on
 we display again 'No Comments' which is fine there are no comments and the
 text now links to functioning comment form.

 Now add a comment to the post, correctly it states ' 1 comment' however
 now turn off comments i.e close further comments, we still display  '1
 comment' but this still links to a form that will not function.

 The patch addresses some of these issues by testing for all permutations
 of the comments state and adding  further descriptive text e.g 'Comments
 Off, Pingbacks On' or '1 Comment >> Comments now closed'.

 There is a further aspect to this in the comment.php logic which  prints
 whether comments are off or whether pingbacks are on but comments off, I
 started work on those conditions as well to add 'closed' as well as 'off'
 but haven't checked that carefully  nor am I sure that closed is actually
 required as these conditions don't display if comments are listed.

 Again this is a testing patch and I fully expect to have overlooked
 something or other in all this. One thing that I'm not sure about is
 unlinking the 'no comments' as this is handled by comments_popup_link()

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