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#2674: bp-activity-classes.php: add a sql statements filter
  Reporter:  aesqe        |      Owner:
      Type:  enhancement  |     Status:  reopened
  Priority:  trivial      |  Milestone:  1.3
 Component:  Activity     |    Version:
Resolution:               |   Keywords:  filter
Changes (by aesqe):

 * status:  closed => reopened
 * resolution:  fixed =>


 Thanks DJPaul, but a filter on '''$where_sql''', before all the DB queries
 are performed, would be of much more use to me :/ Any chance you could add
 another filter just for $where_sql? It's used both in fetching $activities
 and $total_activities_sql and it would save me from using preg_replace on
 the whole SQL statement.

 I hope I'm not asking too much :)

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