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#3045: Activity replies not showing -activity permalink failing
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 This is not a helpful ticket vis a vis a path to replicate as I have no
 idea how this surfaced on a fresh install of 1.3 /3.1 - this could be
 simply due to some of the changes John is slamming in :)

 on /activity/ I can see updates made by the two test members I can reply
 to them, I can see reply displayed via the ajaxified process

 Refresh page and replies are gone I can only see them on the individual
 members profile/account activity stream; main activity stream shows no
 replies or a reply(2)

 Disable JavaScript  and I cannot post a reply at all it simply vanishes
 from main activity view.

 All 'View'  links on any update/reply simply return to /activity/ even if
 hovering displays /activity/p/2/

 Permalinks structure working fine , all other site links work as expected.

 Utterly clean install, no plugins, all BP settings checked through.

 N.B there was a running thread about 4 months back where someone had this
 same issue and it proved impossible to help with or get to the bottom of,
 partly as it was impossible to replicate!.

 It's the fact that it's been mentioned before that slightly worries me and
 tends to make me think there is a nasty little bug lurking but conversely
 am at a loss as to what would have triggered it as nothing custom or out
 of the ordinary has been done with this install, and plentu others are
 working just fine.

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