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#3819: Create An Activity Lookup Table (better to call it a reference table)
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Comment (by jeffsayre):

 Replying to [comment:7 boonebgorges]:
 > Could this be mapped into a custom post type? Schema:
 > activity_action maps to post_title
 > description maps to post_content
 > For the component_id, we could hijack something like
 post_content_filtered (otherwise unused)
 > Then, either
 > (1) we write API functions that are wrappers for WP_Query instances, or
 > (2) we do a single WP_Query at runtime and stash the results in the
 $bp->activities global object, and write API functions that refer to it
 > This seems more economical than creating (and maintaining) a custom
 table that will never have more than a few dozen entries.

 That is possible. The only purpose here is to obtain a unique identifier
 for activity groups and actions that can always be counted on by a 3rd-
 party plugin. It would be best for that ID to be numeric as it would fit
 well with other unique IDs for key WP and BP data -- like userID, profile
 group ID, and profile ID.

 I agree that querying a record in some table to extract activity data upon
 BP startup and then populating the $bp->activities global object would be
 the way to go.

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