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#3788: Appearance of Blogs on Sites and Members-Sites Pages
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 I am working on a move from a wordpress multisite to a new installation
 with wordpress/buddypress multisite. I have created the new multisite from
 scratch (including loading plugins) and I am only importing
 post,categories etc from xml files.
 Wordpress 1.3.2
 Buddypress 1.5.1

 I have been working through an issue relating to new users being added via
 the admin and not having detail updated with Buddypress
 (http://buddypress.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/3755). However in this
 investigation I think I might have found something else

 I have found for users that there is a problem with the way the blogs
 appear on blog lists with buddypress. I have found that when the following
 2 pages load they do not list the blogs however when a change is made to
 the order (via dropdown) they do. I am not sure if it relates to the blogs
 being private but I thought it was wise to raise it.

 Test user
 username/password: sampleuser (this user was created via the front end and
 added to the sites from the admin)

 This user should see 2 subblogs - Student 1 {Parent 1} and Student 2
 {Parent 1}. This can be seen from the admin bar dropdown under sites.
 However when you go to either of the pages below. It just lists the
 default site. However if you change the dropdown on the ordered by from
 the default to something else ... they appear.


 For some reason when the pages load initially they don't appear with the
 sub-sites. I thought it might be possible that this might also relate to
 how they were added (as per the first ticket) but now I am not so sure.

 I have included a couple of screen shots as examples

 1. Sites page - Image A when it first loads and Image B after I changed
 order by to Alphabetical.

 2. Members Page - Image A when it first loads and Image B after I changed
 order by to newest.

Ticket URL: <https://buddypress.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/3788>
BuddyPress <http://buddypress.org/>

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