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#3389: Enqueueing CSS of bp-default breaks child theme layouts
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 As I looked into the issue I think I came to understand it a bit better.
 3389.02.patch is a suggested fix, more or less along the lines of one of
 jjj's suggestions.

 Essentially, 3389.02.patch enqueues the child theme's stylesheet manually.
 There are a few additional niceties involved. I open the stylesheet to see
 if there is an @import rule for bp-default's default.css. (1) If YES, then
 I enqueue the child theme's stylesheet and block bp-default from enqueuing
 its own styles (thus saving an HTTP request, as default.css will only be
 fetched once). (2) If NO, then I enqueue the child theme's stylesheet,
 with a dependency on bp-default's default.css, and then allow bp-default
 to enqueue it's own style.

 There is a bit of overhead involved in the fread() method, but I think
 it's better than attempting to load default.css twice over HTTP.

 Here's how this pans out for different kinds of child themes:
 (a) Existing child themes, and child themes in the future that use the
 @import method, will fall into category (1) above. Thus they will continue
 to work, unmodified. In this case, you lose the advantages of enqueuing,
 but you get the benefit that you don't break the whole theme :)
 (b) Child themes that use the previously suggested method of overriding
 the pluggable function {{{bp_dtheme_enqueue_styles()}}} will continue to
 work as expected - they avoid this new logic altogether, because the
 function is never called.

 With this fix, I suggest that we keep recommending child theme authors to
 use the {{{bp_dtheme_enqueue_styles()}}} override method for building
 their themes. It will eliminate the unnecessary overhead of using fread()
 on the child theme stylesheet, and it will take full advantage of WP's
 enqueuing architecture.

 I like this solution, because it maintains 100% compatibility with old
 themes (at least as far as this enqueuing business is concerned ;) ) but
 ensures that the new enqueue method will get used as much as possible. (To
 be honest, I think that WP's core child theme infrastructure should do
 something along these lines.)


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