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#3521: Activity results that incorporate activity_meta and others
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 r-a-y, I've gone thru this and found a slight problem. It may again be
 because I am not seeing the right way of doing it, and if so I thank you
 in advance for your insight.

 While the one filter for all 3 does do the trick if one is only attempting
 to modify the query once, It quickly breaks down if you try to add a
 second component to the query.
 Here is my use case:
 First rewrite adds a join on activity_meta to filter only the activities
 that were posted in the language that the user has selected (or no filter)
 Second rewrite joins on a term for a taxonomy (if on a tagged activity
 aggregation page).
 Now I can always write this as one function, but I am currently building
 both these functions as partial rewrites of buddypress-multilingual and
 activity-stream-hashtag. Keeping them separate would make it easier to
 release the code and would allow other plugins the possibility to add to
 the query in a non destructive way. (Without having to go around doing
 some parsing and string replace of the original sql query.)

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