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#3428: Better bp-pages integration for third-party components with top-level
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     Type:  defect                 |      Status:  new
 Priority:  critical               |   Milestone:  1.5
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 > This is going to be a mess for people upgrading if they delete pages.

 Please be assured that I take the issue seriously. That's why these
 tickets are marked with high priority. If the fix is not working for you,
 it's not because I think it's OK for pages to be created like this; it's
 because the fix does not work. It is working correctly on my install, but
 I will run through it a few more times to see if I can reproduce what
 you're describing.

 Re: your mockup. I agree that the items should have their own items on the
 Pages page. That's what my patch does. I think I disagree that plugins
 should be separated into a Plugins section. Admins don't really care about
 the distinction between core components and plugin components. It makes
 the most sense, to me, to list them all in the same list (as my patch is
 intended to do).

 > When BP creates the Register page, it doesn't get added to the nav menu.

 Right... I think that we have some special code to keep it from happening.
 It's going to be hard to make that happen retroactively, for existing

 > Once a deletion occurs you have to delete BP database and start over. I
 went in and deleted pages created and bp_pages and it did not fix the

 In wp_options, delete bp-pages. Then empty your WP trash.

 > Pages created should not automatically add a nav item.

 DJPaul, I'd like to hear your opinion on this. bp_dtheme_main_nav() uses a
 simple wp_page_menu(). Should we rethink this? modemlooper's suggestion
 about an additional admin for the nav screen seems interesting - I would
 like to see a mockup - but it sounds to me like it would probably
 duplicate, at least in part, WP's Menus admin UI. Maybe we could have a
 checkbox column on the Pages panel called "Include in nav?" which
 disappears when someone is using a custom menu.

 > creating nav items and associated pages is going to cause people to
 delete and then they will be freaking out why plugins do not work

 We need things like tooltips and warnings in the Dashboard that explain to
 people (a) that pages are required for certain plugins to work, and (b)
 warns them before deleting those pages, and (c) makes it easy to recover
 from accidentally deleting pages


 Setting aside the issue of infinite-page-creation - which is an
 acknowledged bug that needs to be fixed but is not part of the design and
 so is part of a separate conversation - I'm beginning to think that part
 of the answer here is to shut off auto-page-creation altogether. What that
 means is that certain plugins, like Achievements, will not work until
 admins have manually created a WP page. This is not ideal, but we can
 mitigate the downside by providing an admin nag like the "Some components
 do not have pages..." we already have for core components.

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