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#3177: member profile forum screens
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  Priority:  critical     |  Milestone:  1.3
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 I've started poking around with "replied to". It is going to be tricky.
 bbPress does not appear to have any native method for getting topics
 replied to, perhaps because it would necessarily involve a join and thus
 be ugly. It seems to me that there are two strategies we might consider.

 1) Write our own query. Or, rather, filter bbPress's query and manipulate
 it manually, like BP already does to ensure that group privacy settings
 apply in the forum directory. The SQL would have to look something like
 (this is totally pseudocode off the top of my head, probably won't work!)

 SELECT DISTINCT p.topic_id, t.* FROM $bbdb->posts p LEFT JOIN
 $bbdb->topics t ON (t.topic_id = p.topic_id) WHERE p.poster_id =

 This only involves a single join, which shouldn't be terrible given that
 the topics table is necessarily smaller than the posts table, but if we
 structure it as a filter on the BB_Query object, then we may be adding it
 to an already-existing join. I don't know.

 2) Store topics-replied-to as a piece of usermeta (kinda how bbPress
 currently deals with favorites), so that the Replied To panel will involve
 querying bbPress for specific topics. This seems better than (1) in part
 because it avoids messing with the bbPress query. On the other hand, there
 are a few things to consider: (a) it won't apply to existing posts unless
 we write an installation routine that loops through existing members and
 gets their posts (this would be for 1.2-1.3 upgrades only), and (b) the
 usermeta itself could get quite large if someone is extremely active on
 forums. That means that the usermeta value itself could get very, very
 large (especially as topic_ids have more digits). Also, it could mean some
 inefficiency in BB_Query if the numbers are big - I have no idea how
 efficient IN(x) queries are when x is a very long string.

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