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#1749: Transparent background issues in IE7 & IE8
 Reporter:  miguael                                   |        Owner:          
     Type:  defect                                    |       Status:  reopened
 Priority:  major                                     |    Milestone:  1.3     
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 Keywords:  transparency, admin-bar, navigation, css  |  

Comment(by hnla):

 One could simply leave it at "the problem with IE6 is..."

 Sort of bit of both really, yes IE6 simply doesn't get alpha level
 channels, so historically we have had to work around the issue by using  -
 if applicable - a crude 4x4 pixel gif with alternate pixels set to
 transparent or employ one of the clever, if somewhat of an unnecessary
 burden for the page/browser, JS / .htc files to hack IE into working with
 PNG 24 - also we need to remember that IE7 actually had/has pretty poor
 support for PNG transparency.

 The 1x1 pixel issue is one that never is a great idea as it could in
 theory cause issues for browser and/or OS resources, you don't actually
 save any real file size as 1 pixel or 6 if done carefully will be same
 size i.e there is a minimum file size regardless even if you do have a
 saving it's at a cost to your users experience as each image must contain
 all the necessary info 1px or 1000px; 1000px x 10px  area needs to repeat
 image & bit depth 10,000 times for the 1px image a 1000px x 1px wide image
 only needs to repeat 10 times both files sizes should be virtually
 identical or at least  an insignificant difference.

 As for the exact nature of the issue reported here it was a while ago but
 I had the notion when I tested that in fact the issue was browser stress
 due to having to repeat that image over  and over while trying to process
 all that bit depth info
 If simply a transparency issue then in IE6 it's obvious as the channel
 just displays as a crude yellow mask; in IE7 transparency is handled  it,
 iirc, just mucks up the colour profile badly so any blend to solid block
 colour or areas where the graphic meets other colour blocks that should be
 same value never quite matches

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