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#2605: Toggle Activity Replies
 Reporter:  paulhastings0  |       Owner:                                      
     Type:  enhancement    |      Status:  new                                 
 Priority:  major          |   Milestone:  1.3                                 
Component:  Activity       |    Keywords:  toggle, activity replies, bp-default
Changes (by paulhastings0):

  * keywords:  toggle, activity replies => toggle, activity replies, bp-
  * priority:  normal => major


 @jjj @djpaul @boone I think that #2230, #2587, and this current ticket
 should all be combined.

 The more and more that I think about it, the more I'm convinced that by
 default all of the activity stream replies should start completely
 collapsed. Users would only see the original activity update and then a
 button at the bottom that says "View all XYZ replies" (e.g. "View all 2
 replies" or "View all 137 repies").

 After clicking the the "View all XYZ replies" button the activity update
 will pull in all the replies via AJAX. At the end of the replies section
 there will be a button saying "Collapse all replies" that will collapse
 all the replies via jQuery.

 Benefit 1. It drastically cleans up the main activity stream. Users will
 quickly browse the activity stream just by reading the original updates.
 While reading if they spot something they're interested they can easily
 drill down into the discussion.

 Benefit 2. Shorter page height. No one likes to deal with scroll bars that
 are only millimeters high. Enough said.

 Benefit 3. Faster site speed. We'll only be downloading 20 activity
 updates instead of 20 activity updates + 100s of activity replies.

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