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#671: Extended Profile Field Meta
  Reporter:  johnjamesjacoby  |       Owner:  johnjamesjacoby                
      Type:  enhancement      |      Status:  reopened                       
  Priority:  major            |   Milestone:  1.3                            
 Component:  XProfile         |     Version:                                 
Resolution:                   |    Keywords:  extended, profile, fields, meta

Comment(by boonebgorges):

 Re: separate tables. I'd like to avoid creating separate tables as much as
 possible. The current setup mirrors the way that bbPress handles metadata,
 which I happen to like :) In any case, migrating to WP's meta functions in
 1.4 is no easier with a separate table. For the upgrade script, there'll
 just have to be a check for object_type.

 Re: naming conventions. Other BP meta tables use 'id' as the primary key
 (see http://trac.buddypress.org/browser/trunk/bp-core/admin/bp-core-
 schema.php?rev=3346). I'd prefer to remain internally consistent rather
 than conform to WP. What do you think?

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