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#2203: GMT offset bug for date_sent in bp-messages-classes.php [Has Patch]
 Reporter:  rnaegle    |       Owner:  rnaegle                
     Type:  defect     |      Status:  assigned               
 Priority:  normal     |   Milestone:  1.3                    
Component:  Messaging  |    Keywords:  has-patch needs-testing

Comment(by pisanojm):

 Ok, Sorry I wasn't clear.  Let me see if I can clear up some of this in a
 longer reply.  First off, when I first attempted this I used the bp-
 When I did this simple edit.  I opened my inbox and sent a few messages,
 all of these messages sent with the correct timestamp.  However, about an
 hour later, I noted that I was not receiving messages in my INBOX.  Yet, I
 was receiving emails and Private Message Notifications.  Next, I undid the
 bp-messages-classes.patch edit.   While I didn't receive the messages that
 said were sent to me during the running of the above patch, it all went
 back to "normal"... With normal being a 5 hour off timestamp.

 The, I posted a number of buddypress.org questions... Which is where it
 was suggested I run your latest .diff patch.  Again this was done to WP
 2.9.2 and  When I said checked to see if "coded correct" above, I
 simply meant that I double checked to make SURE THAT I coded it correctly
 in the change using PSPAD.  Which I did.  This literally stated that all
 messages sent were 10 years and 6 months ago... But private messages were
 being sent and received.

 I then went to update my site to Wordpress 3.0 RC2 to try the timestamp
 edit again, but afer installing it was noted that the Activity Stream
 (which is sent to the "home" page") was simpy missing.... You can see this
 conversation here:


 So, because we are in the process of getting this thing up-and-running (we
 are in pre-launch, and I'm not much of a coder), I simply did a cpanel
 fullbackup restore of the site back to 2.9.2 BP because there was
 no sense in trying to fix the timestamp issue at that point if no-one can
 see the activity stream.  I don't have a "test BP" site, it's a production
 site that I'm willing to take some risks on to make it work... Hope this
 clears this up... When I said I got it to work, it was with the original
 .patch and BEFORE I realized that private messages were not longer being
 received.  Here is the group thread about that:

 Would love to see this fixed...

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