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#2203: GMT offset bug for date_sent in bp-messages-classes.php [Has Patch]
 Reporter:  rnaegle    |       Owner:  rnaegle                
     Type:  defect     |      Status:  assigned               
 Priority:  major      |   Milestone:  1.2.6                  
Component:  Messaging  |    Keywords:  has-patch needs-testing
Changes (by hnla):

 * cc: hashmore@… (added)



 What platform do you work in ?
 For windows download Tortoise:

 It makes all commands available on right click context menus and provides
 handy interfaces for operations such as revision graphs etc. You can run
 svn from command line of course, good luck on that one ;)

 Having checked out branch 1.2 you should have a working copy of the head
 of the branch which you can then 'SVN Update' when required.

 The next step is my warped approach I create a folder in the checkedout
 folder called 'diff' - scroll back up to the attachments for this ticket
 click on the download link for John James's patch for this ticket you will
 download a file called 'fix-wonky-time.patch'

 right click in your working copy folder and select 'tortoiseSVN -> 'apply
 patch' you will then be asked to supply path to patch file or diff file
 navigate to that downloaded file and select it, now you should have a new
 window named 'TortoiseMerge'
 on the left edge of this is a list of the patched files, 15 in this
 instance, right clicking on one can show a preview in a split window of
 the original file (your working copy) and the patched version.

 Select 'Patch All' and you should now have  your working copy files
 updated to the patched versions

 Hope this is of some small help if you're not on Windows perhaps it isn't

 There may well be better ways to do things than I have described, but I'm
 no great fan of SVN finding  all too confusing at times so not really the
 best person to describing SVN procedures :) (I vote we change to GIT! :p )

 @all core and mods - a little help with getting to grips with using SVN
 might be helpful, we have acknowledged a need for patchers and testers and
 if any impediments can be removed it might help people?

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