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#2032: Blank page after login
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Comment(by cnorris23):

 I'm not able to check this out. I'm not sure if trac/a was meant to be
 some sort of username/pass combo, but I've tried it in multiple
 variations, and it's a no go. Do you have anything in your .htaccess file,
 other than the plain vanilla stuff added by WP when you turn on
 permalinks? What browser are you using, and have you tested to see if you
 replicate this behavior in another browser? If you're logging into your
 site from wp-login.php, then
 if ( false === strpos( wp_get_referer(), 'wp-login.php' ) && false ===
 strpos( wp_get_referer(), 'activate' ) && empty( $_REQUESTnr? ) )
 return wp_get_referer();
 should never even be triggered.

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