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#2050: Group invites not sent/notified/logged in database
Reporter:  leiascofield           |       Owner:     
    Type:  defect                 |      Status:  new
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 When I invite a user to a group, no invitation is sent and there is no
 notification in the invited user's account. Friend requests appear to be
 functioning properly.

 I was having an issue with 1.2 where group invites would not go away
 (permanently stuck in admin bar). Not sure if that is related.

 I rolled back to only BP being installed (no other plugins) with the
 default BP theme and still see this issue.

 I checked the wp_bp_notifications table in my database, and there is no
 "group_invite" activity logged since our upgrade to 1.2.1.

 I cleared any outstanding group invites from the wp_bp_notifications table
 in the database and successfully invited a user to a group in 1.2.1,
 however when I tried to invite them to a second group, I was unsuccessful.

 BP 1.2.1
 WPMU 2.9.1
 Default BP theme
 No /plugins/ activated
 Everything removed from /mu-plugins/ except bp-custom.php

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