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#2032: Blank page after login
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 When I log into my blog (MU w/ BP 1.2 activated, and no
 redirect_to value, I often get a blank page instead of into the wp-admin

 When I deactivate BP, everything works as it's supposed to. I tracked the
 problem down to this section of code in the bp_core_login_redirect

 if ( false === strpos( wp_get_referer(), 'wp-login.php' ) && false ===
 strpos( wp_get_referer(), 'activate' ) && empty( $_REQUEST['nr'] ) )
 return wp_get_referer();

 The wp_get_referrer() function can return false, which it is doing in this
 case, and that's why the blank page shows up.

 I suggest adding some logic here to check if wp_get_referrer() is false,
 and if it is, simply redirect to the root domain. This could probably be
 easily added to the if statement in the first line that I copied into this

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