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#2016: activity comment markup & ajax loading
Reporter:  mikepratt      |       Owner:       
    Type:  defect         |      Status:  new  
Priority:  major          |   Milestone:  1.2.1
Keywords:  comment, ajax  |  
 BP 1.2 final
 WPMU 2.9.1

 This issue presents itself when you hook into bp_activity_comments in
 order to add/modify markup for the activity comment function
 bp_activity_recurse_comments. I needed to to add some span elements to
 allow me to make use of sprites for acomment backgrounds.

 When a new comment is made to an activity via ajax on a child theme of bp-
 default, the markup for that comment is initially presented via ajax.php
 in bp_dtheme_new_activity_comment() at line 184. Until page refresh, this
 is the markup for that new comment.

 The solution will be to either mod both bp_dtheme_new_activity_comment()
 and bp_activity_comments in order to insert identical html. I see the TODO
 to remove the markup from bp_activity_comments and hopefully it will be
 consolidated into one call. For now, it causes a styling problem w/o all
 the hooks.

 I realize this may not be a 'bug' so much as a code design issue but may
 be important for those needed to mod the comment markup beyond what is

 Perhaps can be called from bp_dtheme_new_activity_comment() in ajax.php?

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