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#2003: Blogmeta Names - No Options After Creation
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 I have looked through all the menus in WPMU buddypress but found nothing
 anywhere on how to change the blogmeta options that are setup for each

 I am looking to change the "name" option in that table for blogs since
 that is whats used in the "BLOGS" section for titles.

 Example: Create a new blog with title CANT CHANGE TITLE, then go into the
 blog and make the title "New Title Here". You will notice if you goto the
 Buddypress Homepage and click on the "BLOGS" section, the link to the blog
 will still display "CANT CHANGE TITLE" because its pulling this name from

 2 options, 1 the best option would be for the update on the blog title
 from the general options directly in the blog, is for the title to
 automatically update the other 2 title meta options that are stored (or at
 least the buddypress meta option since we have no GUI access).

 Second option, make an options page for the data in the table

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