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#1936: Update 'siteurl' variable 'home'
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 I noticed Buddypress confuses the use of the WP "siteurl" and "home"

 The following scenario applies to WPMU and BP 1.2 RC2.

 I have moved all my core WPMU files to their own directory instead of the
 root. This requires me to update the "siteurl" variable to point to those
 files. The "home" variable still points to the domain. (As recommended in

 Meanwhile, in bp-core.php, the bp_core_get_root_domain() description says:
 "@return $domain The domain URL for the blog." However, the actual
 functions return the value of "siteurl" instead of "home." In this case,
 "siteurl" is *not* the value of the domain. If I manual edit this core
 file to make the change the problem goes away.

 Otherwise, the result is that some links generated by BP, i.e. adminbar,
 look like http://domain/wpdir/members instead of http://domain/members
 (the addition of the <wpdir> folder).

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