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#1915: Recommended change in search box default value text
Reporter:  snark                                                             |       Owner:     
    Type:  enhancement                                                       |      Status:  new
Priority:  minor                                                             |   Milestone:  1.2
Keywords:  search, search box, search members, search groups, search forums  |  
 The default text within the search boxes says "Search anything..." in all
 of the section search boxes: Groups, Forums and Members. The problem is
 semantic; you can't actually "search anything" from any of those search
 boxes -- you can only search member nicknames from the Members search box,
 Group names in the Groups search box, and Forum topics from the Forums
 search box.

 It's a very each fix to edit, for instance, the bp-core-templatetags.php
 file to change 'Search anything...' in the function code to something more
 specific, and I have done this. However, this makes three files to edit,
 and each time you come out with a new version of BP, they will be
 overwritten, and I'll have to go edit them again.

 I propose changing the default search box texts to the following:

 Groups search: "Search Groups..."

 Forums search: "Search Topics..." (or "Search Forum Topics...")*

 Members search: "Search Members..."

 * It's important to include the word "Topics", rather than just "Search
 Forums", because the search only works for topics, and if it says "Search
 anything..." like now, or even "Search Forums...", the implication is that
 you can do a keyword search for anything in the body of any Forum post,
 but that's not the case -- only hits within Topic titles are returned.

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