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#1914: Add New Page -- bad Page Author selection
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 Of those two dropdown user nicknames, neither is admin -- they are
 separate users.

 I did confirm that with Buddypress disabled, the problem persists, but I
 think something BP is doing or done has messed this up, because when I
 first did the install (BP1.2-beta), I successfully created some pages as
 "admin". Now "admin" can create a new page, and the Page Revisions show
 "by admin", yet the Author assigned is quark and the only other option is
 Snark -- at no step in the process can the "admin" user change the Page
 Author to "admin".

 You can see from the screenshot that I am logged in as "admin", but I only
 have the choices for "snark" and "quark" for Authors of the page.

 The "admin" user was created before the BP installation, of course, during
 the WP installation, while the other two users were created through BP,
 whose user roles were then bumped up by "admin" ("snark" to Administrator,
 "quark" to Editor).

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