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#1892: SEO & Buddypress 1.2
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Priority:  major        |   Milestone:  1.2
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 It's great with a product such as buddypress, however it's a pure SEO
 pagerank destroyer. Some of the improvements can be fixed actially quite
 simple. Read here why.

 Activity have duplicated urls on members page and activity # page.

 Both return a title tag of the latest blog post, so they become identical
 very bad for SEO.

 Solution: Use the title of the page or the first line of text as TITLE TAG
 for the page. Only have one activity shown. Not from member page. At
 member page should be nofollow.

 Title tag is complely broken or to long.
 Solution : The title tags should just return the TOPIC NAME as TITLE TAG.

 So with the build in forums in buddypress its great however its not very
 SEO friendly because its makes so deep URL, the crawlers will rarely find

 So is there any way you can change the BP forum topics to be BBpress style
 /forumID/forum/topicName etc.

 Insteed of groupname/forumid/forums/topicName

 It would be great help!


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