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#1699: add filters to the queries of function get_users()
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 I just had an idea about how to solve this member sorting issue. Its not
 complete but wanted to get my thoughts out there so maybe someone can run
 with it.

 Instead of trying to create a complicated filtering system to allow
 developers to control the query, why not just have a dedicated xprofile
 field in the db table that the query sorts on, the contents of which are
 filterable when a record is saved.

 For instance the query might always sort on the xprofile field 'OrderBy'.
 The contents of this field for each member will be written every time the
 profile data is saved, but passed through a filter so the developer can
 supply whatever string they want.  This allows them to control the sort
 order of that particular member without touching the query.

 This idea needs refining, but there might be something there.

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