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#1834: Further profile syncing?
Reporter:  floris                   |       Owner:       
    Type:  enhancement              |      Status:  new  
Priority:  minor                    |   Milestone:  1.2.1
Keywords:  profile synchronisation  |  
 In light of #1828, would it be good to 'honour' the WP and MU profile
 fields a bit more with syncing switched on?

 Should work now on registration (almost)?
 BP username --> WP username
 BP name --> WP first name
 BP name --> WP nickname
 BP name --> WP display as

 Should be added/changed, incorporate predefined fields (optionally added
 to base)?
 BP first name --> WP first name
 BP last name --> WP last name
 BP display as --> WP display as

 Could biographical be added as a second (optional) field group in BP?
 BP all biographical --> WP all biographical

 Means optional predefined fields or field groups need to be created which
 can pass this info to WP. Thinking BP profile via WP to other plugins.
 Know there are some tools around, but would BP core be preferable?

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