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#1755: Messages: New message flagging problems
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    Type:  defect  |      Status:  new
Priority:  major   |   Milestone:  1.2
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 There's a problem with the red message flagging box. It does not update
 instantly as sometimes it's wrong.

 If I goto my messages inbox and I mark one of my messages as unread it
 flags "1" (which is correct). But if I then go into that unread message
 the flag changes to "2".

 If I start over and instead of 1 message selected 2 messages and mark them
 as unread and I open one of the messages it will flag "3" when it should
 flag 1 (for 1 unread). So it looks like it multiply by 1 when going into
 an unread message instead of substracting by 1.

 Last but not least it only flags on the "inbox" not on "Messages" so you
 can see you have new messages when you enter your own profile. I think
 thats a bit of a shame. It could show "Messages (X new)". I know you get
 notifications and all but it wouldn't hurt making it more visible in the
 profile when you have a new message.

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