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#2566: [patch] “Send Private Message” and “Mention this User” Button Filtering
 Reporter:  jeffsayre  |       Owner:  jeffsayre                                         
     Type:  defect     |      Status:  new                                               
 Priority:  major      |   Milestone:  1.2.6                                             
Component:  Core       |    Keywords:  has-patch, security, privacy, abstraction, filters

Comment(by jeffsayre):

 The way it stands now, whereas the HTML is of course customizable via
 direct editing, it is not programmatically accessible. IMO, having the
 HTML in the template does not provide any additional benefits. With the
 proposed patch, the HTML is completely customizable by using the
 add_filter function hook. Hard-coding HTML output reduces, not increases
 designer and developer flexibility.

 Also, the purpose of template tags is to allow people to more easily
 design custom templates without having to copy or cobble together a lot of
 excess HTML directly from a template file. As an added benefit, since the
 filter includes the entire outputted HTML string, including the CSS
 selectors within the division tags, this will provide designers and
 developers with better control over the default theme output. Without this
 patch, to make changes to the CSS or outputted text, you have to hack the
 core CSS and theme files or create a new child theme. Even with doing
 that, there still is no way for developers to control output.

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