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#2576: Forum Directory does not list private or hidden topics
 Reporter:  dwenaus  |       Owner:                
     Type:  defect   |      Status:  new           
 Priority:  normal   |   Milestone:  1.3           
Component:  Forums   |    Keywords:  forums, public
 The Group Forums Directory only lists public topics (see line 89 in
 function groups_add_forum_where_sql() in (in /bp-groups/bp-groups-

 I'd like to suggest two possible solutions:

 1. change the sql so that people's private topics are also included - this
 would probably involve another table join to see if the logged in user is
 a member of that group for private or hidden topics.

 2. If that sql is too complex, then maybe it would make sense to create a
 third tab in the group forum directory in addition to the 'All forums' and
 'My Forums' tabs called 'My Private Forums' where you list all forum
 topics from private and hidden groups you are a member of. This would be
 much easier to code and integrate. It also might provide the separate so
 that people who click that tab know that things they post are private.

 Without this fix the forum directory only works for communities with
 predominantly public groups. Communities with mixed private and public
 groups cannot use the forum directory because they are missing out on
 conversations that they should be a part of.

 The reason this is listed as a bug and not a feature is because no where
 in the forum directory does it say 'public groups only' so people assume
 as they should that all their groups' forums are listed here - public or

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