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#2573: A Bug about Blogs
 Reporter:  ri-kun    |       Owner:     
     Type:  defect    |      Status:  new
 Priority:  critical  |   Milestone:  1.3
Component:  Core      |    Keywords:     
 As you all know WP 3.0 can now create multisite. and to enable blogs in BP you have to create a NETWORK. But there is a bug about the blogs.
 I believe its a bug since not only me is experiencing about this but all
 of new users I believe.

 1. The base install blog/default WP blog became a blogs in every member.
 2. The base install blog/default WP blog with unknown reason is added in
 the blogs directory (example.com/blogs)
 3. If you will add a new site tru WP Panel (super admin > admin > create a
 site) it is also added in the blogs directory (example.com/blogs)
 4. When a user creates a blog instead of example.com/blogs/user it become

 To fully understand this bug heres a screencap I  took:

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