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#2290: New User Registration: Required fields can be bypassed
 Reporter:  rvenable  |        Owner:        
     Type:  defect    |       Status:  closed
 Priority:  major     |    Milestone:  1.2.4 
Component:  Core      |   Resolution:  fixed 
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Comment(by delayedinsanity):

 I took a quick look at the changeset, but since I've only just dived
 headlong into BuddyPress as of the other day I can't answer this question;

 With this addition is there going to also be added a way to disable ALL of
 the profile fields (core name, specifically) as being required? I want my
 members to have as simple of a signup process as possible, and would like
 to keep the registration down to nothing more than the account fields.

 At this point it's as easy as as removing them from the registration page,
 which is great. But I just looked and I can't remove or edit the Name
 field. This should be made editable if required profile fields are going
 to become mandatory.

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