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#1532: Editing username in DB breaks profile pages.
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Comment(by sbrajesh):

 Replying to [comment:19 mrmaz]:
 > I'm not sure that its a good idea to support direct editing of data in
 the DB? That is a bit like opening pandora's box.
 > I vote this should be resolved as wontfix unless there is some deeper
 issue that I am not seeing.

 When we talk about securing wordpress, it is advised to change the
 username from admin to something else. Wordpress below 3.0 does not allows
 this directly,so DB edit is required(or there is a plugin, I don't
 remember the name, is required); yes, in wp 3.0(in trunk version), admin
 username can be chosen at the time of setup, so this may not be a thing to
 look after wp 3.0 is out.

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