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#1021: Slow mouse-over events when using the Buddy-Bar [Has Patch]
  Reporter:  21cdb        |       Owner:  apeatling                 
      Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  reopened                  
  Priority:  trivial      |   Milestone:  1.1                       
Resolution:               |    Keywords:  Buddy-Bar, Slow, has-patch
Changes (by r-a-y):

  * keywords:  Buddy-Bar, Slow => Buddy-Bar, Slow, has-patch
  * status:  closed => reopened
  * resolution:  fixed =>


 - Added an IE6 conditional around the Suckerfish classes
 - Checks if browser supports the CSS max-height attribute; IE6 is the only
 modern browser that doesn't support max-height (Thickbox also uses this
 technique to check IE6)
 - Replaced mouseover() and mouseout() with jQuery.hover()

 - Did not use jQuery.support.boxModel since IE6 '''and IE7''' will return
 false; only wanted to target IE6
 - jQuery.browser is deprecated in jQuery 1.3 so I didn't use that


 I decided to post the patch in this ticket rather than create a new one,
 since the issue is related to this patch.  Feel free to split the ticket

 Tested on IE6 and IE7.  IE7 uses CSS2 :hover selector instead of
 Please test.

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